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Stock Trading Corporation Of India Article

The Curve Drawdown - A Sensitive Aspect of Stock Trading
Ispas Marin

If you are a new player on the stock market, you should know

that things aren't always nice and shiny when it comes to stock
trading. There are downsides and upsides as in any other trading
or investing process and you have to be prepared to cope with
the negative aspects. The drawdown is the worse thing a stock
trader may experience along the years. You should know that a
peak in a share's price is always followed by a going down to
the bottom period. But don't panic, this negative impact is also
followed by an ascending trend, so your shares will be going up

Experienced systems traders are well aware of this drawdown
trend; the 'rookies' (new traders) are those who panic and start
selling their shares. This drawdown period represents an
important percentage of the stock's profit evaluation process.

This drawdown curve is representing a test for the 'buy, hold
and hope' rule that investors should follow on the long term.
What does this mean? Well, inexperienced stock traders chose to
sell their shares when their price is going down, instead of
realising that this price drop is only a natural thing to
happen. This kind of traders is losing money as the price is
lower than the one they have paid for the shares. This is the
reason why you should try not to panic and to commit yourself to
holding to your shares. Keep in mind that this price drop is a
normal phenomenon on the stock market.

Experienced traders have a strong commitment when it comes to a
drawdown. They know that the best thing to do when a drawdown
occurs is to follow all trade recommendations. Anyone who is
involved in stock trading should be emotionally and financially
prepared to deal with this kind of negative situations.
Experienced traders know that the worst thing to do is to sell
your shares just after a drawdown as the price will definitely
go up.

Therefore, if you plan to get involved in the stock trading
process, be prepared to face its downsides too. And keep in mind
that any investing process is a matter of instinct, trading
method, good information and luck.

About the author:

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of stock market.

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